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Water Sample Service

Water Sample Service

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The only way to obtain valid results when conducting water analysis is to preserve, in almost every way, the specific concentration of minerals, contaminants and bacteria present in your water. The only effective way to do this is by following a strict protocol, so as to obtain a representative sample which can then be analyzed for its bacterial and physicochemical properties.

Procedure for obtaining a sample

WaterLab offers professional services where an expert will personally go to your desired location and acquire a sample. This expert will handle all of the necessary protocols for the transport, storage and analysis of your water, so as to guarantee a valid test.

If you wish to acquire the sample yourself, WaterLab can send you the specific protocols for the acquisition of a valid sample.

WaterLab guarantees the elimination of common sources of error which diminish the total cost of the operation. We do this through an internationally standardized method available in the “Standards for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, Method 5210; 22nd Edition.

Minimum Volume of Water Required for Analysis

– Microbiological test
100 mL of water in a sterile container, preferably with sodium thiosulfate.

– Analysis N1 – Bacteriological
100 mL of microbiological test + 100 additional mL.

– N2 analysis – Physicochemical
300 mL to 500 mL

– N3 analysis – Physicochemical
300 mL to 500 mL

– Water for Boilers
300 mL