Residential Water

Residential water analysis

Residential Analysis

An analysis designed to understand the quality of residential water sources be they groundwater (springs), surface water (ponds, lakes, rivers) and even previously treated water be it from a private or public source.

Bacteriological Analysis
• Qualitative – Face to Face / Remote
• Quantitative – NMP Count

This test determines the presence of pathogens such as fecal coliforms, total coliforms and E.Coli. all of which are considered to be universal indicators of bacterial contamination. Especially that which is aimed towards human consumption.

N1 Analysis (Grade 1 water control)
A basic quality control program. This test consists of the testing and control of apparent color, conductivity, pH, smell, temperature, turbidity, total coliforms, E. Coli and chlorine in both its residual and combined formats.

N2 Analysis – WaterLabs Physicochemical Test (Grade 2 water control)
This consists of a more in depth physicochemical analysis so as to ensure your water meets the maximum permitted levels of alkalinity, aluminum, calcium, chloride(s), copper, conductivity, total hardness, fluoride(s), iron, magnesium, manganese, pH, potassium, salinity, sodium, sulfates, turbidity, zinc, TDS (total dissolved solids) and UV transmittance.

Additional Parameters
As a customer, you can also ask us to conduct our N3 (Grade 3 water control) which measures silica content, arsenic and many others.