Equipment of the highest technology.

About WaterLab

Founded in 2011, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible microbiological and physicochemical analysis focused on the objective of allowing our customers to identify and understand the different components that make up their water, as well as providing the necessary solutions for water filtration and purification.

Our lab was created as a subsidiary of Juturna proper, a leader in water filtration and purification powered by bleeding edge techniques such as, reverse osmosis, dichlorination, UV disinfection, ionic interchange based resins, ultra-pure filtration and many more.

WaterLab is staffed by highly trained specialists alongside dedicated equipment allowing us to carry out the necessary microbiological and physicochemical tests that your water demands. These tests allow our customers to take full advantage of their water for industrial and commercial use, with a water purity that conforms to the highest industry standard. You can also expect quick and effective customer service when it comes to the analysis of your water.


The benefits of using WaterLab

Once your water has been tested, our experts can determine the best possible solution in line with the specific conditions of your water.

Alongside our expert consulting, we can, through our parent company Juturna, give you water solutions that will take advantage of the most effective equipment. Allowing you to have the highest water safety and purity.

WaterLab offers our clients the most complete water analysis package alongside professionally conducted feedback throughout the process of selecting the best water solutions.


High tech equipment

Highly trained staff

Certified laboratory

Rulebook for water consumption

“Water quality, especially that which is aimed towards human consumption be it in the food and beverage industry, medicinal industry and any and all agricultural industries must comply with the established guidelines for the maximum amount of dissolved contaminants. Guidelines which are laid forth in this rulebook.”